Condo Living At Home Services is your one-stop shop for home maintenance. We have developed a comprehensive maintenance plan for residential homes. The maintenance plan has been crafted from over 40 years of professional experience in the field of maintenance, home improvement and remodeling. You would have to call, schedule and manage several contractors to deliver the services provided by just one call to Condo Living At Home Services.

The service is delivered though out the year by scheduled monthly visits designed to maintain your property with consistent attention to planned preventative maintenance as well as seasonal maintenance issues as they occur. After performing a thorough home maintenance assessment, a customized maintenance service plan will be designed for your home.

Condo Living At Home Services offers (3) different packages, Platinum, Gold and Silver each unique to itself, but all include the comprehensive core maintenance service and minor “honey do” needs of the home.

As a Condo Living At Home Service customer you should expect a home that is safer, healthier, more efficient to operate, and where everything works as designed. You will also lower your Total Cost of Home Ownership by:

• Reducing energy consumption and utility bills
• Maximizing the life of your home’s components, and systems
• Eliminating preventable failures and repairs
• Lowering overall repair costs
• Avoiding damages and repair consequences from lack of maintenance

The CLHS service will protect your significant investment in your home, maximize your home’s resale value, and minimize home inspection issues when it comes time to sell. Your home will never look more beautiful or operate better than when maintained by Condo Living At Home Services.

Request your free consultation to discuss the maintenance needs of your home.

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Call 517-889-5370 or email: 1clhservices@gmail.com for more information

Some Of The Included Services We Provide

  • Bush Trimming
  • Light Weeding
  • Leaf Raking & Removal
  • Light Tree Trimming
  • Gutter Cleaning (Bi-Annually)
  • Window Washing (Annually)
  • Window Screen Repair & Replacement
  • Power Washing (Annually)
  • Install & Remove Winter Storm Windows
  • Exterior Caulking As Necessary
  • Cover A/C Components For Winter
  • Inspect Outside Hose Bibs
  • Clear Dead Plants Away From House
  • Window Well Cover Installation
  • Check Driveway For Cracks & Fill Annually
  • Replace Outdoor Light Bulbs As Needed
  • Spring & Winter Outdoor Furniture Set-up & Tear-Down
  • Clean Window Wells of Debris
  • Furnace Filter Replacement
  • Clean Dryer Vent Quarterly
  • Water Filter Replacement
  • Leaky Faucet Repair
  • Interior Handrail Repair
  • Picture Hanging
  • Radon Test Provided
  • Test Sump Pump
  • Flush Water Heater Annually
  • Bath Tub, Shower & Sink Caulking
  • Check Washing Machine Hoses
  • Check Pressure Relief Valve On Water Heater
  • Check Basement For Water Intrusion
  • Unclog Small Drains As Necessary
  • Vacuum Refrigerator Coils (Bi-Annually)
  • Check Plumbing Monthly
  • Clean Hood Range Filters
  • Auger Main Sewer (up To 75 Feet) Annually
  • And Much More…

Our Promise: Condo Living At Homes Services will professionally maintain your entire home freeing you for other things you’d rather be doing. Also, allowing those who would like to stay in their home, but no longer have the physical ability to maintain their home.

We will constantly strive to earn your continued business with each and every service visit. We will provide you with extraordinary service while treating you and your home with the utmost respect and care.